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Today, a modern website cannot be imagined without responsive code, and given that the number of mobile users has long exceeded the number of desktop users – our websites are designed from the start specifically for mobile devices. The mirror and measure of the success of our design is increased user retention time on the site, increased number of viewed pages per visit, reduced bounce rate – all of which can be measured with the Google Analytics application.

Areas of expertise

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Communication strategy

A communication strategy is a planned approach by which an organization or individual directs its messages in order to achieve certain communication goals. This strategy includes defining target audiences, selecting communication channels, creating relevant messages and matching the tonality of communication with the goals in order to achieve the desired perception or action on the part of the recipient of the message.

UX design

UX design (or user experience design) is the process of creating digital or physical products and services with a focus on users. This process includes researching user needs, creating intuitive interfaces, testing user experiences, and continuous improvement to ensure users have a positive experience using the product or service. The goal of UX design is to make it easier for users to interact with a product or service, making it efficient, pleasant and satisfying.

3D visualisation

3D visualization is the process of creating three-dimensional images or models that simulate the real world or abstract concepts. It is used to display objects, spaces or information in a way that allows for deeper understanding and analysis. It is often applied in various industries, including architecture, medicine, video games and engineering, allowing users to explore and interact with the 3D world for better understanding and decision making.


Thoughtful copywriting combines creativity and marketing expertise to create compelling advertising messages that effectively communicate the benefits of a product or service, thereby encouraging consumers to make a purchase decision.

Photo and video production

Video and audio production should be carefully planned and executed in order to achieve high quality. It is important that the video production is visually attractive, with well thought-out shots, scenography and light, in order to convey the desired message or story. Also, sound in video production plays a key role – it should be clear, noise-free and appropriate tones should accompany the content.

Front-end development

It is important for the Front-end to be updated with the latest trends and technologies to ensure that the user experience is always the best possible. Through careful design analysis and efficient programming, our front-end developers make websites and applications functional and attractive for users around the world.


We create a system for self-updating the website (admin panel, i.e. CMS) specifically for your website. We base the system on the wordpress platform so you don’t depend on us for further development and updates. This system is characterized by extremely easy use and an intuitive user interface.

Back-end development

Back-end developers focus on developing components that work “behind the scenes” and enable the functionality of a web application. This includes creating the server, database, API, and logic that manages the application’s data and business logic. Back-end developers are responsible for ensuring that the web application is scalable, secure and efficient.

Support 24/7

Website support includes all activities and resources intended for the maintenance, improvement and efficient functioning of the website. This includes technical support to solve problems such as system crashes, bugs or technical errors, but also continuous updating and optimization of the site to ensure fast and safe navigation for users.


Website security is a comprehensive strategy and set of measures implemented to protect data, resources and users on a website from potential threats and attacks. This includes implementing various technological and procedural solutions, such as firewalls, encryption, regular software updates, complex passwords and activity monitoring to identify and prevent vulnerabilities and unauthorized access. In addition, educating staff and users about security practices also plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of the site. Site security is essential to maintain user trust and protect an organization’s reputation.


Hosting (or web hosting) is a service that allows individuals, organizations or companies to place their websites, applications, or other online content on the Internet. Hosting provides the infrastructure and resources needed to make web content available on the Internet 24/7, meaning that users can access that content through a web browser or other applications at any time.

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