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Video allows companies to tell their story in an emotional and inspiring way. It can help build trust and loyalty among customers. In today’s digital world, companies that use video production effectively have a competitive advantage. Quality video content can help a company stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of potential customers.

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Post production

Post production is a stage in the process of creating audiovisual content, such as films, television programs, commercials, video games and other media. This phase comes after the recording or production of the content is complete. The main goal of post production is to improve and complete the material that was recorded during production in order to achieve a high quality final product.

It involves various steps and processes, including:

Editing: Editing is the process of putting together different shots and scenes to create a coherent story. This may include cutting, transitions, adding sound and music, and organizing the material.
Sound: Adding, editing and mixing sound is a key part of post production. This includes adding dialogue, sound effects and music to create an emotional and audiovisual atmosphere.
Visual Effects (VFX): In post production, visual effects are often used to create scenes or elements that could not be captured in a real environment. This may include CGI (computer generated imagery) and other techniques.
Color correction: This process is used to adjust the colors and lighting of images to achieve a certain look or aesthetic.
Subtitles and graphic elements: Adding subtitles, animations, graphic elements and other text or graphics to video material.
Final sound and mixing: Finally, the sound is mixed so that all sound components (speech, music, effects) are balanced and of good quality.
Quality and quality control: Checking and ensuring that the final product meets quality standards and technical specifications.

Corporate video

A corporate promo video is a short video content that is intended to promote or present a specific company, organization or brand. This video is usually used for business purposes to attract the attention of potential clients, investors, employees or the public. The key purpose of a corporate promo video is to convey key information about the company or the products/services it offers, highlight its values, mission, vision and distinct advantages over the competition.

Aerial shots

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Along with the photos you receive from us, you are also guaranteed exclusive rights to use them according to your wishes and needs, without fear that they have already been used or copied somewhere. Every job that our studio does has a legal background, maximally protecting our clients and providing them with a professional and safe experience of cooperation with us.

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