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With our experienced team of experts, we are here to provide with what is necessary for you to get from your maintained profiles on social networks: a profiled, profitable, recognizable and positioned brand that is being talked about.

Areas of expertise

Be present online

Performance strategy on social networks

We are specialized in creating strategies for social networking and we will provide you with a detailed plan that will increase the value and recognition of your brand. We are dealing with social networks literally from when they exist and during these years of work we have learned how user “breathe” and what he likes to see and read.

Creating an activity plan

The key factor in the success of an announcement or advertisement on social networks is precisely the graphic quality of its visuals. Leave the creation of content, announcements, as well as their publication, scheduling and planning to us. Our creatives are here to use original ideas to evoke emotions in users.


Thoughtful copywriting combines creativity and marketing expertise to create compelling advertising messages that effectively communicate the benefits of a product or service, thereby encouraging consumers to make a purchase decision.

Photo and video production

Video and audio production should be carefully planned and executed in order to achieve high quality. It is important that the video production is visually attractive, with well thought-out shots, scenography and light, in order to convey the desired message or story. Also, sound in video production plays a key role – it should be clear, noise-free and appropriate tones should accompany the content.

Facebook and Instagram paid advertising

The service includes:

  • Interviewing the client and creating an online advertising strategy on Facebook and Instagram
  • Defining the target group of users
  • Choosing a campaign type on Facebook
  • Creation of advertising text
  • Graphic processing for the purposes of creating advertisements
  • A/B testing of advertising messages and banners
  • Daily monitoring of statistics and efficiency
  • Consulting and budget planning
  • Campaign modification as needed
  • Report generation

Newsletter/E-mail marketing campaigns

We can implement advertising campaigns through e-mail marketing or newsletters based on a pre-prepared database of user e-mail addresses that you provide to us.

Case Studies

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