1. Personal data

Keep in mind our Legal Data Protection Policy.

2. Content

Materials such as pictures, photos, graphics, logos, videos, movies, audio files and text (“material”) are used on www.studio-t.rs (“site”). The material is owned by studio T, and is protected by copyright, trademark laws and design laws, based on personal rights that exist in Serbian and international law. Any use of materials for purely private purposes requires the prior written approval of studio T.Isto also applies to any material change, especially for translation or any other form of processing, as well as any material transfer.

3. Disclaimer

If a user takes over the material or uses it in any other form, it does it at its own risk. Studio T will not be liable for any losses that a user may have in that regard, particularly in the case of data, hardware, or software. This does not affect the responsibility for intent and gross negligence. Studio T does not accept any liability for any violation of the rights of third parties.

The information on this site has been carefully collected and verified. Studio T, however, does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, promptness and completeness of the information.

5. Legal consequences

Studio T reserves the right to block access to the user if the user violates these terms and conditions of use and / or any legal provision. In such a case, registration is no longer allowed and any further use is therefore deemed to be unlawful. Studio T doo reserves the right to prosecute users for unauthorized use and any violation of rights, in particular infringement of personal rights, trademark, design, copyright and other intellectual property rights, civil or criminal law.

The irrelevance or nullity of certain provisions contained in these Terms of Use will not affect the validity of other conditions of use.

Due to technical innovations and legal changes these terms and conditions of use are periodically revised. The revision was last carried out in September 2019.